The precious moments of life cannot be left to pass without being captured. The capturing of certain moments in life is really very much necessary and it has to be done at all the grand occasions. The significant occasions like the birthday celebration, anniversary celebrations etc need to be given the status of the events of the lifetime. These lifetime events should have real importance in our lives. The important times as these are seized forever in the visual mode by some clicks of the camera. The camera clicking is one of the most common scenes nowadays at every place of celebration. The celebratory mood of the people is elevated with possession of something as wonderful as a capturing device, the camera. The quality of picture clicking is so easily obtained of the highest kind with right pixel adjustments. The more the pixels of the camera capturing the more is the picture quality and the clarity. The great attitude of the passing moments is elusive and to freeze that elusiveness one should immediately click them to have the most wonderful preserve. These things acts as the most cherished d├ęcor in our lives and they remain in our hearts throughout the life.

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